Established in 1975, SOKARY GROUP has been growing rapidly. It also expanded the range of
its economical activity to include both commercial & industrial fields. It’s been a very long
journey of success due to good and long term planning and incessant hard-work.

SOKARY GROUP, founded by Haj Abdel-Azem Elsokary in the mid-seventies of the last century,
began its ever successful way by sharing the benefits of Open Markets Policy. The Import-
Export business was a good start at that time. The inner trade (Distribution of nutrition
Products) was the most interesting activity for most businessmen throughout the eighties;
there, in the field of distribution and inner trade was the impulsive start for the second
generation of SOKARY GROUP, led by Mr Emad El-Den Elsokary. The SOKARY BROTHERS,
emerging as trade agent for many famous trademarks and consumer products, has gained a
very trustful reputation in that field.

Moving to a new era of economical development coincided the national trend for establishing
Industrial Zones in the early nineties; SOKARY GROUP accelerated its growth level making
good benefits from its excellent reputation and its vast marketing experience. The promotion of
the SOKARY BROTHERS CO.FOR FOOD PACKAGING, in 1992 was the start for the
Industrial Era. A good start should be enhanced; that’s why came the expansion of industrial
activity by establishing TOSHKA CO. FOR FOODS & SNACKS in 1998 and SOKARY PLAST

Thanks to long marketing experience, SOKARY GROUP knows that finding new markets and
suppliers should be a permanent process. The CAIRO HEADQUARTER was founded to promote
the marketing coverage for the products of the group companies and also to do the import and
export business for the group.
Hoping that the success will last for ever, the SOKARY GROUP members and stuff always keep
in mind that good reputation and customers confidence are obligations to do not honours to

Our Objectives
To stand among its sector’s leaders by selecting qualified and developing a strong
To develop human resources function and adopt new concepts that yield advantages
to collaborators and share its experience with other organisations.
To be an example in term of Human Resources management.
To assure and secure not only change, but also essentially progress and development
together with the collaborators.

Our Vision
Within the value of Human resources to reach the goals fixed in accordance to management
principles, each collaborator to feel proud to belong to an organisation with international
reputation and a model in her branch.